• Make-A-Mug
  • Cup or Bowl
  • Choose to MAKE from one of our examples OR
  • Design YOUR OWN
  • Handles, feet, and decorative add-ons​​


in 1, 2, and 3 hour

increments as well as on the 1/2 hour & 1/4 hour.  

Minimum 1 hour attendance required


45 Minute Minimum

for glazing

SBAP only seats students in class with a pass, no exceptions to this policy.

5 Year olds may only attend with a parent-child pass.






  • Wheel Throwing or Hand-building 
  •  Minimum 1-2 hours / 1, 2 & 3 Hour Sessions
  • Wheel Throwing: Ages 13 - Adult
  • All students who do Wheel Throwing need to attend a DEMO before reserving time at Open Workshop.  Click here
  • Surface Application DEMOS click here

All students need their own pass to attend Open Workshop & Demonstrations.  Wheel Throwing DEMOS are only available to students who have 12 & 28 hour passes.

   2 Hour Pass                5 Hour Pass               12 Hour Pass             28 Hour Pass

​​​​28 Hour Pass

$144 KIDS 6-12yrs
$180 13-Adult​

Wheel Throwing

or​ Hand-Building



Wheel Throwing 101

ages 13-Adult / 12 & 28 Hour Passes

Thursdays 12-1:30 or 4-5:30

Saturdays 10:30-12pm

Surface Applications

Thursdays 2-3pm

Saturdays 2-3pm

click herefor more info

​​​​​​5 Hour Pass

$36 KIDS 6-18yrs
$45 Adult​

​1-2 Projects

​2-4 Sessions


  • Adults with 12 & 28 hour passes can choose a focus either wheel throwing or hand-building or both.
  • Students 12 & under will need to complete 5 hours pass requirements before scheduling first DEMO.
  • Wheel Throwing - Ages: 13-Adult
  • 1st wheel lesson should be scheduled in advance, click here to sign up for your fist DEMO....
  • ​After your first wheel throwing demo students may reserve more wheel time or drop-in.



Students of ALL LEVELS may sign up for any type of pass, age 6 to Adult

The more hours you log in studio time, the more you will advance in your skills

SBAP Instructors reserve the right to approve student projects so they are a good match for time and skill level

SBAP will instruct in accordance with good practices in relation to clay, ceramics, and pottery.

SBAP will only bisque and glaze fire pottery that is in-line with our studio's "good practices" in clay

   2 Hour Pass                5 Hour Pass               12 Hour Pass             28 Hour Pass

  • 1-2 Projects /2-5 Sessions 
  • Minimum 1 hour
  • 1, 2 & 3 Hour Sessions as well as on the 1/2 hour
  • Surface Application DEMOS
  • Kids under age 10 can attend no more than 2 hours at a time.
  • Glaze The Same Day and choose from 15-25 solid colors glazes, stains and under-glazes OR 
  • SBAP Staff will DIP your glaze color for you (we usually have 4-5 dipping colors that vary from season to season) OR
  • 3 & 5 hour Pass Only:Come back for a session to glaze using our whole line of Stone Ware Glazes....

   2 Hour Pass                5 Hour Pass               12 Hour Pass             28 Hour Pass

12 Hour Pass

$72 KIDS 6-12yrs
$90 13-Adult

Wheel Throwing

or Hand-Building


 How To


Your Pass

​​​Handbuilding & Wheel Throwing​​


Thurs - Fri 12-7pm be here by 6pm

Saturdays 10-4pm be here by 3pm

Drop In Anytime or Make a Reservation

Groups up to 5 or 6 students should make a reservation in advance

Groups of 7 or more should reserve a private party time slot.

  • Students with 12 & 28 Hour passes have the option of doing everything listed in the box to the left as well as:
    • Having more opportunities to work with glazing techniques
    • Continuing students are able to work with clay in its many stages as well as glazing techniques and tests...





Fall 2018

Sept 6 - Dec 15

Winter 2019

Jan 10 - March 16

Spring 2019

​April 4 - May 18

   2 Hour Pass                5 Hour Pass               12 Hour Pass             28 Hour Pass

​​​​* ALL STUDENTS MUST HAVE A PASS ​to attend open studio
*​Passes CANNOT be shared.

Siblings, friends, and family members CANNOT share passes, we DO NOT make ANY exceptions for this policy.
*PARENTS must purchase their own pass in to order attend class with their child.

* SBAP only seats students students with passes in studio, all others are welcome to wait in waiting area or drop-off.
* ​OPEN WORKSHOP STATEMENTS will be sent by email once or twice a month

with a link to SAVE and you can view the updates on your pass anytime.
* Drop OFF & Pick Up - All students under age 15 must be signed in and out every session.​​​
*LEFT OVER OPEN STUDIO HOURS can be carried over to next season,

but hours do expire if not used within two years from date of purchase.

​ALL Supplies are included with ALL Passes except for Glaze & Fire Fees.  5 Hour Passes & Higher will be assessed a glaze & fire fee.




Most student work falls within the small, medium, or large size range.  More advanced students who are working extra large may be assessed extra clay and glaze fees which varies on an individualized basis.  SBAP provides up to 1-1.5 lbs of clay for every two-three hours.  SBAP does not bisque (1st fire) or glaze (2nd fire) unless glaze & fire fees have all been paid.  ​SBAP will add glaze & fire fees to online accounts for student to pay online

  • 12 & 28 Hour Pass Students may work with slabs after completing 5 hour pass requirements.  Slab work requires project planning, patterns, and instructor approval​​.
  • Continuing students will have opportunities to work with clay in its many forms such as: wet, moist, leatherhard, bone-dry allowing for many more surface treatments and forms........​​
  • ​Also check-out our surface decoration DEMOS....

   2 Hour Pass                5 Hour Pass               12 Hour Pass             28 Hour Pass

  • 1 Project
  • 1 Session (2 Hours) OR
  • 3 Hour Pass Options
  • ​(1) 3 Hour Session or
  • (1) 2 Hour 15 Min & (1) 45 Minute Glazing Session​​
  • 5 year olds may only attend with a parent​​



2 Hour Pass​​

$24 KIDS 6-18yrs

$30 Adult

$45 Parent-Child 5-12yrs

​1 Session / 1 Project


   2 Hour Pass                5 Hour Pass               12 Hour Pass             28 Hour Pass

   2 Hour Pass                5 Hour Pass               12 Hour Pass             28 Hour Pass

Wheel Throwing and Hand-Building at Pottery Open Workshop!

Guided, step-by-step instruction for all levels: Beginner, intermediate and advanced students

age 6-adult! Open Workshop gives students flexibility to drop-in anytime we are open, or reserve your time in advance for 1,2 & 3 hour sessions. We feature different projects, techniques, and wheel throwing based on your type of pass and skill level. Projects left longer than 3 weeks are usually not workable.​​  Read more information below about what type of pass is the best fit for you!

   2 Hour Pass                5 Hour Pass               12 Hour Pass             28 Hour Pass

   2 Hour Pass                5 Hour Pass               12 Hour Pass             28 Hour Pass

Pottery takes 1-2 weeks to dry and then we can do the 1st fire (bisque fire)

Students can come back and glaze or paint and or we will dip the pottery and do the 2nd fire (glaze fire).

Read below for more info about when to come back and pick-up or glaze and paint

Pottery Pick-Up is usually 3-4 weeks if we are doing the 1st (bisque) & 2nd fire (glaze)

Come Back and Glaze or Paint in two weeks (14 days after your class)

Sometimes our pick-up and come back dates vary depending on the season.

To be sure your pottery is ready visit Pottery Pick-Up Notes before making a special trip. ​​




Thurs - Fri 12-7pm be here by 6pm

Saturdays 10-4pm be here by 3pm

Drop In Anytime or Make a Reservation​​

Guided Instruction 

  • 1st & 2nd Projects work with methods:
    • Pinch & Coil Methods for main construction of projects. Relief carving, surface decoration, and how to build up a surface.....
    • Making and designing add-ons such as: handles, feet, and knobs (no lids until 2nd project)



SBAP requires a registration form on file for each student.

Click here to fill out your info. form for yourself or child

DROP IN - We do accept walk in reservations for studio time, however students with reservations will be seated first.

If you are dropping in try to arrive 5-10 minutes before the half hour or top of the hour.
RESERVATIONS - Feel free to RESERVE your time in advance - click here
CALL AHEAD - Always feel free to call ahead on the same day to reserve your studio time
GROUPS - Groups of 5 or more should call ahead, or click here to reserve studio time in advance​​

   2 Hour Pass                5 Hour Pass               12 Hour Pass             28 Hour Pass

Drop-In OR






   2 Hour Pass                5 Hour Pass               12 Hour Pass             28 Hour Pass




  • ​​​​​No Wheel Throwing on 2 & 5 Hour Passes
  • Students who want to throw on the wheel should buy a 12 or 28 hour pass. 
  • Students 12 & Under will need instructor approval to schedule independent wheel time at open workshop.

​​​​​Age 5 to Adult

​Beginners Welcome!

Guided Instruction





  • On 12 & 28 Hour passes students can choose a focus either hand-building or wheel throwing or a little bit of both....
  • Schedule your 1st wheel demo here before reserving wheel time at Open Workshop.
  • If you are new to hand-building and are new to clay or SBAP you will need to start with the requirements listed under 5 hour passes...

  • 1st Project: Make-A-Mug, Cup or Bowl​ required for beginners & new students
  • 2nd Project -Make a small 3-4 step project
  • Continue Hand-building...