Pottery Pick-Up Notes

Check HERE for Pottery Pick-Up Notes

Thank you for your recent visit to Pottery Open Workshop, Clay Date Night or Event at South Broadway Art Project!  Pottery that is available for pick-up or to come back and paint-glaze is listed on this page.  Due to the nature of clay, pottery usually takes 1-2 weeks to dry and for us to bisque fire (1st fire) and 1-2 more weeks for us to glaze fire (2nd firing) which makes your pottery food safe.  This whole process normally takes 3-4 weeks.  Please scroll down for more information about your pottery.

Please remember to pick-up your pottery as we WANT YOU to claim it, and are always terribly sad when we have to get rid of student work.  As a policy we keep student pottery for 6-Six Months.  After six months un-claimed pottery

is either sold or thrown away.

Fall 2016-spring 2017                             Clay Date Nights & Open Workshop                 Please come pick-up your pottery by by 12/2/17 or it may be GONE forever!!!! 

June-August 2017                                   Clay Date Nights & Open Workshop                 ALL SUMMER 2017 June-August is ready for pick-up or to come back and glaze!!!!

CLASS DATE             CLASS NAME                    PICK-UP POTTERY  or TO COME BACK & GLAZE         

December 2nd 2017                             Open Workshop & Clay Dates                              ALL POTTERY made prior to December 2nd 2017 will be glazed and ready for pick-up                                                                                                                                                            on  Sat 12/16 10-4pm

September 2017                                   Open Workshop                                                       All pottery from September is ready for pick-up.......


Pottery Open Workshop

HOURS: 12/7-12/9

We will open later than normal Thurs

Thurs 1-7pm (be here by 6)

Friday 12-7pm (be here by 6)

& Sat 10-4 (be here by 3)

December 16th is the last day to pick up your pottery before our Winter Break.  SBAP will re-open on Thursday Jan 18th