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At Open Studio we have set the course for students to learn at their own pace at their own level.  Every class we will take some time with each student to reflect and record what skills they have been introduced to, produced works with, and mastered.  We will be recording these results in a file in each studio that you or your child attends.  We have our skill sets divided up into 3 levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.  Each level has different skills to learn, project choices, milestones, and challenges.  Since each student works at their own pace and sets their own goals we cannot say how long it takes to complete a skill set, but we can say that we promise to keep it very challenging and creative!  For kids and teens, each time they accomplish a new milestone they will receive a creative "token" that reinforces their "milestone".  We send Open Studio Progress Reports home
three times a year in December, March & May.
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Open Studio is closed on May 18th for the summer
Open Studio is September thru May, and will return this coming fall.
If you still need to pick up your pottery, or portfolio
please refer to the pick up hours below
Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm
June 9-13, 16-20,  23-27
July 14-18, 21-25, 28-Aug 1
Aug 4-8


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Potters Project
Fashion Project & Learn to Sew
Painting & Drawing

Thursdays & Fridays: 12-7pm
Saturdays: 10-4pm

Supplies & Instructor Included
 Whether you are young at art or young at heart, we have a project for you!  No need to make a reservation, come in and create Thursdays and Fridays 12pm-7pm and Saturdays 10am-4pm.  Open Studio Attendance must be a minimum of 1 hour.  We seat students on the hour and 15, 30 & 45 minutes past the hour.  Payment is required in advance to reserve seats for individuals
and small groups.

Open Studio kids, teens, adults, and home-school will start back up in September 2014 with tons of new and creative things to do for all ages, including an ALL NEW studio space dedicated just for painting and drawing! The full 2014-15 Open Studio, Class, Workshop, and Private Party schedule will be available in the next few weeks, so please stay tuned.  


$72.00 - 12 hour pass
$36.00 - 5 hour pass
$10.00 an HOUR

$64 - 
12 Hour Pass
Home-school parents can also buy their own pass for the same $64 price to attend a studio session while your child is in class. 


$90.00 - 12 hour pass

$45.00 - 5 hour pass

$12.00 an HOUR

*Open Studio Passes are valid for 1 student per card.
We keep your passes on file here are the studio,
and send out monthly statements by email.

At Open Studio we host a different theme to inspire every week or every two weeks.  HOW THIS WORKS: Students that are NEW or BEGINNERS, or just INSPIRED will be instructed to create with this weekly/ bi-weekly theme.  Students who have started to chart their own path within their SKILL LEVEL will often deviate from the weekly theme if they are (1) Working on an extended project that has taken multiple sessions to complete or (2) If the student demonstrates the independence and responsibility to set and accomplish higher level goals from their "Skill Set".  The instructor in each studio reserves the right to approve the creative planning process of each student as they progress.  We want to maximize and match instruction with creative independence which is why we follow these guidelines with all students to produce an advanced level of aesthetics, craftsmanship, and art appreciation.

OPEN STUDIO Pick Up & Drop Off Procedures:
In an effort to make the most of the time we have with you, or your children & teens we have some ways you can help us keep a good flow to the Open Studio Experience.
  • WHEN YOU ARRIVE:  When you arrive for Open Studio please go to the studio you are taking class in.  For example if you or your child are taking pottery go directly to the pottery studio, or if you are taking Fashion Project/Sewing or Painting & Drawing go to the Gallery door.
  • THE CODE:  We will give you the code for the front door to the Gallery at your first session.
  • CHECK IN: When arriving for your Open Studio Session we ask that parents and students either wait in the 1st floor Gallery and ring the bell by the stairs, or wait in the reception area in the Pottery Studio.  Please do not enter the studio classroom until the instructor has checked you or your child in.  We seat students every 15 minutes, or as soon as we can.  (it is almost always no longer than a 5-15 minute wait.)  If you are bringing a new student to Open Studio it will take about 15 minutes to register and check in.  At check-in the instructor or attendant will ask you what time you want yours or your child's Open Studio Session to be finished. This helps us create realistic goals when making and creating.
  • DROP OFF:  When you drop off please sign your name and cell phone number on the clip board in each studio.  Parents are also welcome to wait for your child in the gallery or reception area.
  • PICK UP:  When picking up your child please have a seat and wait for your child to be dismissed.  We dismiss students from class once they have finished cleaning up after themselves, it may take just a few minutes for your child to clean up and organize.  We try very hard to keep everyone on their intended schedules as this is the beauty of an open studio environment, however we really appreciate your patience with our check in and check out procedures as they are designed to benefit all students.
  • WHAT DOES USING AN OPEN STUDIO PASS FOR ALL THREE STUDIO EXPERIENCES MEAN  We are happy for you to use your Open Studio hours or pass in more than one studio.  Our only stipulation with multiple Open Studio experiences is that students finish all projects in one studio before starting something new in a different studio.
  • SCHEDULING A TIME TO TALK:  We are more than happy to meet with you to discuss yours or your child's progress, or any special situations or concerns.  It can often be difficult to talk during class time but please feel free to email, or call the office anytime to talk or to schedule a meeting.
  • PARENT/CHILD OPEN STUDIO:  If parents want to attend class with their child they can purchase a separate Open Studio Pass.  This is a great way to spend time with your child doing something fun and creative!  Home School and Soulard School parents can purchase their own Open Studio Pass for the same price as your child!  Parents should have their own Open Studio Pass or Hours to attend class with your child.  We are always open to letting your child visit you in the waiting area if they really need that extra hug or reassurance.  Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions or special accommodations.
  • POTTERY STUDIO NOTES:  Please know that pottery projects stay moist and most workable for 2-3 weeks.  Glaze firing and running the kilns is a studio cost that is not covered from student tuition alone.  Our "published" policy on the web has been to charge $1 - $5 per pottery piece to glaze and fire, however this has become too difficult for us to track so we are moving to an "honor" system.  If you or your child has glazed pottery feel free at your convenience to make a small suggested donation in the in pot labeled "$for Glaze"
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