New students, and beginners start with working on a project with guided instruction.  Students work on projects and skills involving mostly pinch, simple slab, and various surface applications.  Beginner students will draw designs and get instruction when  making and painting pottery. We have tons of project examples above for beginners to choose from and of course lots more ideas at the studio too!  Beginner projects can be completed in 2-5 hours.  Students seeking a "Wheel Throwing" focus will need 2-5+ hours of hand-building experience before progressing to the potters wheel. 

  • BEGINNER students who want to learn how to throw on the potters wheel need to have some basics of hand-building before your first lesson on the wheel
    • ADULTS - Adults should have logged at least 2 hours or more of hand-building basics/project work before scheduling your first lesson on the wheel.
    • KIDS-TWEEN-TEENS - Young people should have logged 5 hours or more of hand-building project work before scheduling your first lesson on the wheel
  • ADVANCED STUDENTS - If you are an advanced student who has thrown on the wheel before we would still like you to log 2 hours of hand-building as a way to understand our studio set up etc.
  • HOW TO GET STARTED - Buy your pass(es), attend open workshop, once you have logged 2 to 5 hours hand-building you can schedule your first wheel lesson with the instructor, or call or email us.  After your first lesson most students can then drop-in and continue wheel or hand-building work.  Younger students may need to make a reservation each time they plan to do wheel work.
  • RESERVING WHEELS - There are usually open wheels during the day time 12-4 but if you plan to attend between 4-7 it is a good idea to reserve your wheel in advance by email, phone or in-person.  NO-SHOWS for wheel reservations will still be assessed studio time from your pass.

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  • THE INSTRUCTOR There is an instructor TEACHING at ALL Open Workshops.  All beginner, new, or young students work along-side the project schedule.  Advanced students may work independently with instructor approval. Projects left longer than 3 weeks are usually not workable.
  • SEATING IN CLASS is every 30 minutes, please arrive 5 minutes before your reservation.
  • DROP IN -We do accept walk in reservations for studio time, however students with reservations will be seated first.  If you are dropping in try to arrive 5-10 minutes before the half hour.
  • RESERVATIONS - Feel free to RESERVE your time in advance by click here
  • CALL AHEAD - Always feel free to call ahead on the same day to reserve your studio time
  • GROUPS - Groups of 5 or more should call ahead, or click here to reserve studio time in advance
  • HAND-BUILDING - SBAP starts all students off with learning the basics of hand-building
  • DRAWING - All students learn how to sketch ideas and project plans before "making"
  • WHEEL THROWING - All students must complete an introductory lesson on hand-building before learning wheel throwing. Students progress to the wheel per the instructors approval and availability of the wheels etc. 
  • RESERVING THE WHEEL Once students progress to the wheel, they can reserve a pottery wheel at the studio through the instructor or call pottery studio 314-405-8009
  • COMPLETING PROJECTS The instructor will break this down for you at your first visit but basically it takes about 5 hours to see a project to completion or 2.5 hours for a mini one-time project.
  • GLAZING & FIRING SBAP has 20+ glaze colors and lots of options for slips and engobes.  Each project will have different options for finishing.  Projects are usually ready for pick-up in about 3 weeks.

​​​Handbuilding & Wheel Throwing​​

Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced


Thurs - Fri 12-7pm be here by 6pm

Saturdays 10-4pm be here by 3pm

Drop In Anytime or Make a Reservation

An advanced student has usually spent 16-28+ hours working at SBAP Studio and possibly other studio experience as well.  An advanced student is comfortable with wedging, project planning, drawing designs, pinch, coil, slab, possibly wheel throwing, glazing, painting, and more.  Usually the instructor likes to approve even advanced student work for the purpose of understanding students needs in the best way possible.  Examples shown are a mix of hand-built, and wheel thrown work, as well as kid, teen, and adult projects. 


There is an instructor TEACHING at

Pottery Open Workshop all day giving demos,

and step by step instruction. Beginners, intermediate and advanced students

are all welcome ages 5-adult!

WHEEL-Throwing at Pottery Open Workshop

New Students!

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GLAZING at Pottery Open Workshop
​All pottery is fired to Cone 6, and everything is food-safe.  See our color charts below...

We are currently updating this section/ glaze color charts check back soon!



STONE-ware Glazes


UNDER-glazes & Stains


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One, Two, & Three Hour Sessions


1 project, 1 session, glaze-firing fee included

$30 - Adult

$24 - Child/Teen 6 & Up

$45 - Parent Child 5 & Up


1-2 Projects / 2-5 Sessions

$45 - Adult

$36 - Child/Teen 6 & Up


 4-12 Sessions

$90 - Adult

$72 - Child/Teen 6 & Up


6-28 Sessions

$180 - Adult

$144 - Child/Teen 6 & Up

Glaze & Fire Fees Apply

to 5, 12, & 28 Hour Passes

$6 small / $9 medium / $12 large​​


& Home-school

Beginners Welcome

There is an instructor TEACHING at
Pottery Open Workshop all day giving demos, and step by step instruction. Beginners, intermediate and advanced students are all welcome ages 5-adult!

Open Workshop time allows kids, teens, and adults flexibility to drop-in anytime we are open, or reserve your space in advance.  Pottery Open Workshop is for wannabe potters, beginners, and the artistically inclined starting at age 5 to adult. We accept new students every week, year round. Attend for 2 hours and make something small, attend for 5 hours and do a little more, or come every week or two or all year long.  We feature different projects and skills based on your level: beginner, intermediate or advanced.  Students seeking a "Wheel Throwing" focus will need 2-5+ hours of hand-building experience before progressing to the potters wheel. Projects left longer than 3 weeks

are usually not workable.​

See more details below...

SEASONAL PROJECTS at Pottery Open Workshop


  • Ages 6-Adult.......5 year-old's may attend with an adult as a parent-child activity.
  • Use the hours on your pass in one, two, and three hour increments, as well as on the half hour.  Seating in class is at the top of every hour and every 30 minutes
  • Minimum attendance is 1 hour​
  • MAXIMUM ATTENDANCE  - 2 hours for students under age TEN /3 hours for Adults, Teens, and Tweens.
  • ALL STUDENTS MUST HAVE A PASS ​to attend open studio
  • ​Passes CANNOT be shared.  Students, siblings, friends, and family members CANNOT share passes, we DO NOT make ANY exceptions for this policy.
  • PARENTS must purchase their own pass in to order attend class with their child.
  • Weekly attendance is recommended and encouraged but not required
  • ​OPEN STUDIO STATEMENTSwill be sent by email once or twice a month with a link to SAVE and you can view the updates on your pass anytime.
  • Drop OFF & Pick Up - All students under age 15 must be signed in and out every session.​​
  • ​LEFT OVER OPEN STUDIO HOURS can be carried over to next season, but hours do expire if not used within two years from date of purchase.

Students progress with skills on an individual level based on age, ability, prior experience, and time spent in the studio.  A student at this level will take ideas to the next level and start to do projects that extend over the course of several studio sessions, as well as spending a bit more time drawing project plans.  Students seeking a wheel throwing focus may move forward with the wheel after logging 2 to 5 studio hours and upon the instructors approval.  Examples shown are a mix of hand-built, and wheel thrown work, as well as kid, teen, and adult projects.


Students can start and use passes anytime during the year.  Passes are valid for two years from date of purchase.


Pottery Open Workshop is open year-round.  We do close for a few breaks throughout the year so make sure to check out our open dates below or click here for a full calendar.


Jan 12-May 20 OPEN

April 15th CLOSED for Holiday

May 20-June7 CLOSED for Holiday

June 8-24 OPEN

June 25-July12 CLOSED for Holiday

July 13-Aug 26 OPEN

Aug 28-Sept 6 Closed for Holiday

Sept 7-Dec 23 OPEN

Dec 24-Jan 10 2018 CLOSED


Thurs & Fri 12-7pm

Saturdays 10-4pm

Drop In Anytime or Make a Reservation

HAND-BUILDING at Pottery Open Workshop